Sunday, April 4, 2010

Album: Upsidedown Cross - "Upsidedown Cross"

It might be Easter Sunday, but how about taking a little time out for Satan?

Upsidedown Cross is a band containing ex members of Kilslug, and their 1991 self-titled release is an evil, sludge-ridden fiasco of noise and greasy filth. Track titles like "Kill For Satan", "Hanging Witches" and "Mass of Blood" prepare you for what you're in for with this album, and Upsidedown Cross has to be one of the most "metal" noise rock projects ever. J Mascis even makes an appearance on this album playing drums, although this is a far cry from Dinosaur Jr and even Witch, with a way messier, angrier vibe than anything he's ever taken part in.

1. Upsidedown Cross
2. Kill For Satan
3. Redrum
4. Hanging Witches
5. Batallion of Rats
6. Bloodmobile
7. Mass in Blood
8. The Cup

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