Monday, April 12, 2010

Single: Solomon Grundy - "Spirit of the Radio / I'm Not the Freak"

That's right, I'm posting another Screaming Trees side project.

Solomon Grundy was a short-lived Seattle group featuring Van Conner on vocals and guitar that put out some pretty cool psychedelic rock in their short lifespan as a group. (Actually, the entirety of what Solomon Grundy released is this single and one full length album.) I'm not going to say that this single will kick your ass or change your life or anything, but Van Conner has mastered psychedelic music quite nicely and this single is all around pretty fun and worth a listen. This even includes a Rush cover and it's cool to hear the first inklings of what VALIS will be in these songs, back when VALIS was just a twinkle in Van Conner's eye. (Or, you know, something less creepy sounding.)

1. Spirit of the Radio
2. I'm Not the Freak

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