Sunday, April 25, 2010

Album: Earthride - "Vampire Circus"

Here is Earthride's third album titled "Vampire Circus". This album may not be as traditionally doomy as, say, their self titled release, but I don't care about any hate towards this album becuase I think it rocks hard. This sounds something like Motorhead and Crowbar being thrown in a blender, then being poured into a swamp and sinking to the very bottom of it, and is just some super in-your-face, ballsy, sludged out Sabbath worship. A perfect party album for those who prefer doomy sludge and chilling out to Ke$ha and Jagerbombs.

1. Fighting the Devils Inside You
2. Understand
3. Vampire Circus
4. Dirtnap
5. Interlude
6. God's Own Medicine
7. Loss
8. For Wrath and Ruin
9. In the World I live
10. Swamp Witch


  1. I Call you "dude" ahahah, that was lame!

    sorry bout that...

    well, i'm looking for Screaming Trees' covering Song Of A Baker and Freedom by Small Faces and Buffalo respectively. Did you know where I could find it?


  2. Yep! Actually, I can do better than that. I'll post a collection of Screaming Trees covers soon since I have quite a few and have been meaning to compile them to post. It should be up by tomorrow.