Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Album: Burning Witch - "Crippled Lucifer"

In the mood for some misery? Anyone? ...Anyone? If you said yes, (good god what is wrong with you?) then you should listen to this album by Burning Witch, which is essentially a compilation album containing their entire small discography. As we all know Southern Lord likes to reissue the hell out of everything ($$$) on every possible format, so if you're wondering why I'm posting such an easily accessible album it's not only because I'm lazy but because I've been meaning to show this to a Khanate loving friend of mine for quite some time and I thought I may as well post it here for anyone else that likes to delve into spirals of a little (or a lot of) misery and depression every now and again. This is a fine piece of extreme doom from a band that should have stuck around a little longer. So enjoy... or lock yourself in a dark room and cry yourself to sleep. But enough about Friday night.


1. Sacred Predictions
2. Country Doctor
3. Tower Place
4. Sea Hag
5. The Bleeder


6. Warning Signs
7. Stillborn
8. History Of Hell
9. Communion
10. Rift.Canyon.Dreams

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