Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Live Recording: Porn/Big Business/Melvins - 5.2.07 - Carling Academy Islington - London UK

you can pop this into the stereo and pretend that you're actually there

this is the entire concert

and i'm going to take this opportunity to say a little something about the current state of the melvins...

when they'd released the (A) SENILE ANIMAL album...i was kind of stoked to hear what they'd sound like with 2 drummers and playing as a 4 piece (as they'd taken in the band big business)...and as soon as i'd heard songs like "civilized worm" and "the hawk" i was all like "fucking yes!"...and i listened to the album quite a bit...but then it suddenly lost it's luster with me (maybe because of my constant playing of it)...and then they released the NUDE WITH BOOTS album...and i hate saying it...but i was pretty bored with soon as the opening moments of "the kicking machine" i automatically thought of led zeppelin (which is a good thing)...and it seemed as if the band had drifted off into 1970's fm radio-land...even when they sounded as if they'd brought back the old melvins via the beginning of "dog island" still didn't seem right...are you like me and miss the days of the melvins trio? know...back in the days of GLUEY PORCH TREATMENTS/HOUDINI/STAG/ my opinion...the band hasn't released a melvins-y album since 1999's THE BOOTLICKER...and reading the interview with buzzo a few spaces down he eludes to the recording of an upcoming album saying "it`s going to be different than what you might imagine. and not in the way you might imagine."...perhaps they'll be going back in time...but really...the melvins don't seem to be the kind of band that does that...maybe they'll throw in an orchestra...maybe they'll get all pink floyd's THE WALL...but they'll more than likely keep on making music for themselves

still with me?

now for the reward

as for the order of bands on this particular show...i think it went as follows:

porn: (there are no song titles to any of the if you know them...share with the case you didn't know who this band's made up of melvins drummer dale crover...bassist/producer billy anderson...vocalist/guitarist tim moss)

1 - track 1
2 - track 2
3 - track 3
4 - track 4
5 - track 5

big business:
1 - hands up
2 - shields
3 - grounds for divorce
4 - just as the day was dawning
5 - easter romantic
6 - start your digging

1 - another 4th of july...ruined (w/big business)
2 - the talking horse
3 - the bloated pope
4 - civilized worm
5 - oven
6 - suicide in progress
7 - set me straight/deserted cities of the heart*
8 - sky pup
9 - let it all be
10 - blood witch
11 - a history of drunks
12 - rat-faced granny
13 - the hawk
14 - you've never been right
15 - a history of bad men
16 - the mechanical bride
17 - the bit
18 - the ballad of dwight fry

*=cream cover

DL: porn/big business/melvins@carling academy islington

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