Sunday, January 31, 2010

Album: Gas Huffer: "Just Beautiful Music"

Here's Gas Huffer's fifth album called "Just Beautiful Music." Just like most Gas Huffer albums this is spastic, fun and schitzophrenic with a twist of frantic comedy. What makes this different from most Gas Huffer albums is that they experiment in a slightly more toned down (yet still strange) alternative, Mudhoney-esque vibe. This is all over the place in a really interesting way and if you can accept the slight diversion from their usual direction you will thoroughly enjoy this album. So whether you want to dance, have an epileptic fit, or pass out on the floor upon hearing this... here it is.

1. Rotten Egg
2. Beware Of Viking
3. Over The Side
4. Is That For Me?
5. Clay Pigeon
6. Old Man Winter
7. Hacked
8. The Last Act
9. The Princess
10. Don't Panic
11. Jungles Of Guam
12. The Surgeons
13. Mr. Inbetween
14. Cut The Check
15. Bridge To The 21st Century
16. You May Have Already Won

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