Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Album: Litmus - "You Are Here"

This is Hawkwind worship at it's absolute finest. Litmus is signed to (Lee Dorrian's label) Rise Above Records, and their debut album "You Are Here" was released in 2004. This album is a sonic attack (see what I did there?) of mind bending space rock; in fact, when you listen to this you won't know whether to dance or pass out in a hypnotic state of psychedelia.. So put on your proverbial spacesuit and get ready for a trippy and rockin' good time!

1. Infinity Drive
2. Dreams Of Space
3. You Are Here
4. Sonic Light
5. Rays Of Sonic Light
6. (Theta Wave) Inductor
7. There
8. I Can't Be Sane
9. Chime
10. Stone Oscillator (Static Ritual)


1 comment:

  1. You suggested that i should check out this album, so i did.

    I finally listened to the album today. I like it a lot. The shit was boggling to my nerves. Thanx!