Saturday, January 2, 2010

Live Recording: Soundgarden - 8.9.92 - Lollapalooza - Desert Sky Pavilion - Phoenix,Az now you already know of the impending soundgarden reunion

and i know that,like me, you're probably waiting with bated breath to see exactly what they'll sound like nowadays (my god i hope it doesn't go into some sort of audioslave direction)

and like're hoping that they can follow the awesomeness of the BADMOTORFINGER/SUPERUNKNOWN/DOWN ON THE UPSIDE trilogy with something just as awesome (not to that i don't dig the rest of their albums...but's like finally losing your gets all built up and then it explodes...and you're all like "um...what?")

but enough about me...

here we have the soundgardeners in fine form via the BADMOTORFINGER-era

1 - face pollution
2 - outshined
3 - gun
4 - jesus christ pose
5 - cop killer*
6 - hands all over
7 - rusty cage
8 - slaves & bulldozers

*=body count cover

DL: soundgarden@lollapalooza 1992

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