Thursday, January 21, 2010

Live Recording: Trouble, 1983

Two words: Doom. Metal.
I stray away from this in favor of other genres sometimes, but it always creeps back up on me.. and when it does it hits in full force, as things should be. I've been on a Trouble/Iron Man/Saint Vitus/Candlemass binge for the past few days and so it's only appropriate for me to share this live recording of Trouble from 1983. This recording was apparantly what got Trouble their first record deal and I can see why. All I can say is wow - Trouble were (and are!) an awesome band, and insanely tight live. This is worth a listen... or a bunch of listens.

1. Intro
2. Bastards Will Pay
3. Gidion
4. Son Of A Bitch
5. Victim Of The Insane
6. Fear No Evil
7. Confused
8. Assassin
9. Death Wish 1
10. The Tempter
11. Wickedness Of Man
12. Psalm 9
13. Death Wish 2
14. End Time
15. The Last Judgement
16. Revelation Life/Death

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