Monday, January 18, 2010

Remixes: Queens of the Stone Age

We always show lots of love for Queens of the Stone Age here at Ritual Room and today will be no different. Here are a bunch of remixed versions of QOTSA songs from various sources, most of which are really wicked. "A Song For The Deaf vs. The Blind Can Go Get Fucked" is an interesting, even more unsettling take on the song and this is worth a download for the "You Think I Aint Worth A Dollar..." Troy remix alone. This post is especially great (if I do say so myself) since it's a goddamn Monday and some upbeat music is in order.

1. Little Sister (Contradictator Remix)
2. The Blood Is Love (Contradictator Remix)
3. You Think I Aint Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionare (Troy Remix)
4. No One Knows (UNKLE Remix)
5. No One Knows Instrumental (UNKLE Remix)
6. Feel Good Hit of The Summer (UNKLE Remix)
7. Burn The Witch (UNKLE Remix)
8. Broken Box (Peaches Remix)
9. A Song For The Deaf Vs. The Blind Can Go Get Fucked


  1. sweet, this sounds great, thanks very much,

  2. Queens of the stone age is my favorite band, my favorite album is Lullabies to paralyze and my favorite song is go with the flow. They are that good that you can even play a video game which let's you play the guitars of some of their songs.