Saturday, January 30, 2010

Album: Chris Eckman: "The Black Field"

Maybe this isn't crushing, nor is it primal or noisy, but Chris Eckman's voice was always my favorite part of the Walkabouts and this album is just too good to pass up posting. This is "The Black Field" by Chris Eckman - dripping with minimalist acoustic guitars and a soulful, sad atmosphere ... and the brilliantly haunting lyrics are the cherry on top. It kind of sounds like the Walkabouts stripped down to the bare instrumentals and void of Carla's sometimes abrasive vocals. The highlight of this album is unquestionably the title track, which is steadily rhythmic and has to contain some of the coolest lyrics ever. This album is only 9 tracks so you should give it a shot even if stuff like this isn't usually your thing.

1. Night Like These
2. Healing Waters of the Flood
3. Low Country
4. Crystalline
5. Befell
6. The Black Field
7. Pirates Clowns
8. Restless
9. Why Can't I Touch It

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