Friday, January 8, 2010

EP: Tad - "Salt Lick"

Out of print Tad EP, anyone?

You really can't go wrong with "Salt Lick" - it's just a non-stop attack of low end, dirty, fuzzed out, greasy, mind blowing, primally heavy rock the way only Tad can do it. I've been binging on Tad even more than usual lately and just really appreciate how rough this EP is. I'm not going to type out a long review as usual becuase my brain is fried and I'm off to see Mudhoney (review will be posted in the next couple days) so go on, break yourself off a slab of this heaviness.

1. Axe To Grind
2. High on the Hog
3. Wood Goblins
4. Hibernation
5. Glue Machine
6. Potlatch
7. Loser

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