Sunday, January 24, 2010

Live Recording: Shrinebuilder, 11/13/09, Baltimore MD

Hey everyone... I'm bumping this post because it's come to my attention that the DL link was broken - if you didn't get a chance to grab this the first time around everything should be in order now.

Can't make it to any dates on the upcoming Shrinebuilder tour? Well, I've spent the better part of the evening decoding, encoding and exploding with anger in efforts of trying to convert FLAC files to MP3s of a decent size. Finally I was successful and you can now enjoy the fruits of my labour by listening to this live recording of Shrinebuilder in Baltimore from November 13, 2009. I'm not sure exactly who to thank for this but if you were the one who recorded this set let me know and I will give you all deserved credit. Photo credit is on the picture itself. Now.. give this a download and enjoy the live Shrinebuilder experience - minus that sweaty guy next to you that's trying to sing along even though he doesn't know the lyrics. (Dad?)

(...for those who can't read the tiny font in the above picture...)

01. We Let the Hell Come
02. Solar Benediction
03. The Architect
04. Blind For All To See
05. Science of Anger
06. 24 Hours
07. Nalgas'
08. Pyramid of the Moon

DL "Shrinebulder - Live In Baltimore"


  1. Thank you. Amazing Stuff!

  2. Thanks a lot. Been a Melvins fan forever, didn't hear of this project until a month ago. Very happy to hear them live.

  3. Holy crap! Thank you immensely!

  4. is there any chance of a re-up? i somehow missed this both times? i caught these guys in chicago and was blown away. the album doesn't really seem to capture how good they really are, and it wasn't until today I thought to go look for bootlegs.

  5. Any chance for a re-upload, please?

  6. I was at this show. Would love to hear this. Can anyone re-up this? All I'm getting is a notice from the FBI about the megaupload bust. Whatta fukin' sham.